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“12 Mermaid Swimsuits Under $25”

12 Mermaid Inspired Swimsuits under $25 (1)

It’s officially summer and I’m so ready to dive into the nearest pool or large body of water. But before I do that, I’m in great need of a new swimsuit. Mermaid swimsuits are all the rage right now, and as an honorary mermaid, I need at least one mermaid swimsuit in my closet.

I found 15 mermaid swimsuits under $25 and I want to buy ALL OF THEM! But I’m just going to start with one or two and build up my collection from there. That’s where you come in. I need help deciding which mermaid swimsuit to get, so let me know in the comments which ones are your favorite.


1. Fishscale Zipper Green Mermaid Swimsuit

green mermaid scale zipper one piece swimsuit

I have never found a one piece swimsuit that I like, so I’m not really sure if I would like how this one fits, but it’s sooo cute! It’s one of the most mermaid-esque swimsuits on this list. The green color and the scales just scream mermaid.


2. High Waisted Scalloped One Shoulder Bikini

green bikini scalloped high waist

I’m not really sure how the high waited bikini will look on me, but I love the simplicity of this swimsuit. It doesn’t scream mermaid like the first one, but it certainly gives a nod to the mermaid style.


3. Tiny Floral Print Strapless Scalloped Bikini

pink and blue floral bikini

Okay, so this is kind of a wild card. I love the scalloped top. Not the most mermaid-y swim suit on the list, but cute nonetheless.


4. Blugibedramsh Women’s Glitter Mermaid Bikini High Waist Swimsuit

ariel the little mermaid swimsuit

Ariel? Where are you? If Ariel (the little mermaid) had a swimsuit, this would be it. So I obviously need it too, right?


5. Gradient Halter Seashell Bikini

turquoise sea shell halter bikini

I love the turquoise color and the sea shell/scalloped top and the super cute gold details.


6. Seashell Patch String Bathing Suit

pink seashell bikini mermaid

This bikini is really simple with the spaghetti strap design and just the sea shell patches on the top. I love the coral color, though.


7. Seashell Halter String Bikini

I looooove this sea shell halter string bikini. It’s so beachy, I can’t even. My only concern is the bottoms. It looks like there’s not a lot of coverage and I’m not the type who likes having her ass hang out.


8. Scoopneck Seashell Pink Onepiece

pink one piece sea shell swimsuit

Super simple one piece with sea shell details. It’s pretty low cut, so it may not be the best fit for my IBTC (itty bitty titty committee).


9. Mermaid One Piece Swimsuit

green mermaid wording one piece swim suit

Obvious pick. A lifeguard swimsuit for mermaids. I love the color and simplicity.


10. White Seashell Shaped String Bikini

white string halter bikini mermaid

Another simple bikini that doesn’t scream mermaid. I like the seashell top. And I need a new white swimsuit.


11. Halter Ombre Seashell Bikini Set

blue purple ombre seashell bikini

The ombre color of this bikini set is to die for. So cute.


12. Turquoise Fish Scale Print Mermaid Bikini 

turquoise fish scale print bikini

I’m loving the turquoise fish scale print on this bikini. Plus it’s padded, so it should add a little extra “oomph” to my IBTC. 🙂


Those are all of the best mermaid inspired swim suits that I could find across the interwebs for under $25. Which one is your favorite?


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12 Mermaid Inspired Swimsuits Under $25