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“How I Manifested a Free Phone | First Big Manifestation”

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This is some new age shit. If you’ve ever heard of The Secret, then you’ll know what I’m talking about in this post. If you haven’t then I’m going to suggest that you go watch it right now (it’s on Netflix) or else you’ll think I’m batshit crazy.

So I’m just going to jump in to it.


I learned about The Secret probably 6 or 7 years ago. My friend gave me the DVD, something that no one had done in FOREVER, and she recommended that my hubby and I watch it.  So we did and we were convinced that The Secret would work for us.

We began following some of the steps that were talked about in the film. We wrote a 1 million dollar check, we made vision boards, and imagined green lights all the way to the grocery with a parking spot in the front. I even made up a song called “Checks in the Mail” that I sang every time that I passed the mailbox (still do sometimes).

We started gratitude journals and made a reset button to press if our thoughts went in a negative spiral. We believed that we already had the things that we previously only desired.

Then, we played the lottery. And we lost three times.

I’m laughing about it now, but at the time we were disappointed. We thought that we had dome everything right!

Within the following weeks of the losses, we stopped writing in our journals and we stopped saying affirmations. we remained like that for months, dare I say years. Every now and then we’d try to get back in the feeling and watch YouTube videos about The Secret or positive affirmations. At one point, we found Abraham Hicks, which gave us a whole new perspective. But again, shortly after, we would fall into a rut after trying to manifest something and it not coming to fruition.

Present Day

I started a gratitude journal on May 25th and I’ve seen more unintentional manifestations than I’ve seen over the last 7 years.

I don’t even remember why I started the gratitude journal, but about the week before I bought the journal from TJ Maxx with a gift card that my sister gave me for my birthday. Completely irrelevant information, but it was on clearance, too. I was saving it to start writing ideas for my book. But I got the urge to make it into a gratitude journal. At the same time, I stopped writing in my personal journal because I felt that it was getting too negative.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of why I started the journal – hubs told me that I was too negative. He said I needed to watch some affirmations or something because I’m fucking us up.

He was right. All of this manifestation is partly thanks to him. I can’t tell him that…I’ll never hear the end of it.


I wrote in the journal consistently from May 25th to June 11th. A little over two weeks and the following things manifested for me. They may seem small to some, and it may even seem like coincidences, but I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

1. A friend called me

So this one is more of a synchronicity than manifestation, but it was the first sign that I saw after writing in my journal.

I was thinking about this particular friend a couple of days prior to when she called me because I wanted to go out to lunch with her and our other friend. A few days later, she called me to tell me about a dream that she had about me dying. Eeeeek! Totally not something that you want to hear, but that awful dream led her to call me. We both agreed that it had been too long since we last hung out and decided to meet for dinner the following night. We had a great time!

What’s funny is that I didn’t even try to manifest that. I just thought about my friend and how I should text her, and I thought about how much fun I had the last time we spent time together. I had no resistance towards it, so it came quickly and easily.

2. I got a new camera

Just like my friend’s dream, this manifestation was bred by unfortunate events.

I dropped my G7x camera and the lens got stuck and would not close. Fortunately, the camera was still under warranty so I sent it to Canon for repair. About a week later I got a package from Canon with a brand new G9x, a downgrade from the G7x, in my opinion.

I called them in a hurry to find out what happened to my G7x – they couldn’t fix my camera and the G7x was out of stock. The customer representative that I talked to at Canon did some research and was able to get the G7x Mark II, which is  a slight upgrade to my original camera. Sweet!

Over the last couple of months I had been thinking about getting a new camera, but I honestly couldn’t justify it. Although it was pretty inconvenient to be without a camera for two weeks, it was worth it to get a newer model. It’s not the camera that I had my eye on, but it certainly satisfies my sweet tech tooth.

3. I got a free iPhone 6

Now this is the big one, and I hope you don’t feel like I’ve misled you. My manifestation journey for a phone has been a long one – about a year now. I’ve had my current phone, LG Volt with Virgin Mobile for 3 years this month. It’s been so slow and I’ve need an upgrade for a long time. I would look at phones here and there on Amazon and Virgin Mobile’s website to see if there was a good sale. I found a few phones that I could live with, but I never purchased anything even though I cursed my phone every day.

Virgin Mobile had a good deal on an iPhone 5 a few weeks ago, and I almost bought it out of desperation, but it didn’t fit my requirements. I wanted a phone that I could have for 2 or 3 years, has a good camera, and can be unlocked for international travel. And of course didn’t want to break the bank. I didn’t need the iPhone 7Plus (but I did want it for that portrait camera mode). I just needed an upgrade. And seriously, the iPhone 5 would have been an upgrade. SMH.

All of the phones that I had looked at before never felt like the right one. So I waited. I didn’t say any affirmations like “I have the phone of my dreams”. Nor did I put pictures of my dream phone on a vision board. I just thought about having a new phone and would look at ones that I knew were out of my budget. Sure, sometimes I would curse my phone, but overall, I had very little resistance to getting a new phone.

Meanwhile, I get an email from Virgin Mobile with a promotion for discounted iPhones and $1 service for a year. Immediately I click through and am presented with the iPhone 6  32g for $319. I thought that was a great deal, but the kicker is that my normally $50 phone bill will only be $1 for 12 months! So I’m saving $600 over the next 6 months, which basically adds up to a free phone and $280!

Not only is that an incredible deal, but the other important factor is that I had the money to actually buy the phone. I don’t always have an extra $319 to buy a new phone, but we had some unexpected money come in that I was planning on using on a new phone even before I found this deal!

The Law of Attraction is real

I’ve believed that The Law of Attraction was real since I first saw The Secret, but I never saw it work in my life. But over the last month, with the help of the Elegant Excellence Challenge and various videos on YouTube about gratitude journals and manifestation stories, I have proof that the Law of Attraction is real.

Previously, I was forcing it too much. Focusing too hard. Wanting too bad. But once I let go, and knew that I already had a phone that met my requirements, then it came to me at exactly the right time.

Best believe that I’m going to continue writing in my gratitude journal and releasing the pressure of things that I want and just enjoy the ride. I’m able to enjoy the little manifestations that could be disregarded as coincidences.

If you guys are interested, as more manifestations and synchronicity happen, I’ll write more posts about it.

Let me know in the comments – have you ever manifested anything that you wanted for a long time?



How I Manifested A Free Phone