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“Hanee21 Subscription Box Review”

I had the pleasure of sampling the Hanee21 subscription box. Hanee21 has 5 different style options: Casual, Bohemian, Sexy, Girly and Random. I got the Random box, which includes assorted items from each style category.

Each box casts $39 a month, and you get 4 items – 2 articles of clothing and 2 accessories. The typical retail value is $85.


I got this really cute black top that says “Wild Heart”. It’s really comfortable, soft, and loose-fitted. I paired the top with skinny jeans and a pair of black flats. I though the shirt went will with one of the accessories that was in the box – a red tassel hair tie. Super cute casual outfit.


The other two items also paired well together. The top is a cropped blue blouse with a floral print. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to wear the top, as I don’t feel comfortable exposing so much of my mid-drift, so I put a black lace tank  underneath.


My favorite piece from the Hanee21 subscription box is the long silver chain necklace with a photo of a red double-decker bus and heart key. I love long necklaces, so this is a great one to add to my collection.


I really dig the idea of subscription boxes because it’s a great way to grow your wardrobe without breaking the bank, and who doesn’t love getting mail everyone?

Visit Hanee21‘s website to sign up and get $5 off your first month!

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